Elon Simms

Elon Simms currently serves as the director of field education at The Ohio State University (OSU) College of Social Work.  In this role, Simms oversees the day-to-day operations of the college’s field education program, which partly includes sustaining and creating strategic relationships with non-profit organizations across the country.  Prior to his time at OSU, Simms worked for Franklin County Children Services (FCCS) as a child welfare caseworker, providing ongoing case management services to children and families. 

Simms joined the board in 2017 by virtue of his election as chair of the agency’s Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC).  “I truly appreciate and I am honored to serve in this capacity. Because I am a social worker who was also employed as a caseworker for the agency, I believe that I will bring a unique perspective when it comes to understanding best practices in working with the children and families.  I look forward to bringingmy own knowledge, background and personal experiences to positively impact the lives of children and families who are served by the agency,” said Simms.

Simms earned both a Bachelor of Science degree in social work and a Master of Social Work degree from the Ohio State University. Outside of the classroom, Simms was a proud member of OSU’s track and field team, where he served as a captain. Simms is a Licensed Social Work (LSW) in the State of Ohio, who was also named the 2014 Emerging Leader of the Year in Region V by the National Association of Social Workers.  Furthermore, he is a graduate of the Leadership in Human Service Management Program through the Ohio State University College of Social Work. 

Simms resides in Westerville, Ohio with his wife and young son.

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