Volunteer Recognition Reception

FCCS's 33rd annual Volunteer Recognition Reception, held in April, honored those who share their time and energy to support and inspire youth served by the agency. Volunteers of the Year were named for each program. In addition, volunteers were honored for their tenure. 


FCCS Volunteer Department Staff



FCCS Board Member Tammy Wharton and
Executive Director Chip M. Spinning


Friendship Volunteer of the Year Matthew Tom Craig and FCCS Volunteer Coordinator Leesa Evans.


Taylor Kiehl accepts the Friendship Mentor of the Year Award on behalf of her wife Emma Parker from FCCS Volunteer Coordinator Melisa Anania.


Robert Cary accepts the Malaika Mentor of the Year Award on behalf of his wife Elizabeth Cary from
FCCS Malaika Director Tonia Still.


FCCS Volunteer Coordinator Joy Xaybandith and Friendship Volunteer of the Year Patti Aronhalt


FCCS Simba Director Daryle Cobb presents the Simba Mentor of the Year Award to Dale Gresson.


Volunteer Coordinator Melisa Anania (left) and FCCS Staff Member Chayla Strong (right) present the Crisis Center Volunteer of the Year Award to Julia Backoff.


FCCS Malaika Director Tonia Still presents the Sharon Burks SOAR Award to Dr. Iris Cooper.



Three Year Anniversary Award Recipients


Five Year Anniversary Award Recipients Beth Heyer
and Eelkje Miedema


 Ten Year Anniversary Award Recipients Lisa Hunt
and Ethel Johnson


15 Year Anniversary Recipient Heather Popio and FCCS Director of Volunteer Services Elizabeth Crabtree


20 Year Anniversary Award Recipient Rev. Mervyn Brereton


20 Year Anniversary Award Recipient Afrika Gupton and FCCS Malaika Program Director Tonia Still


 Executive Director Award Winners Girl Scout Troop 1523 Leaders Cathi Havens, Christine Wanzer and Karen Lurvey (Ginny Harper not pictured)


Simba Mentors
24-Hour Child Abuse Hotline
(614) 229-7000
General Inquiries
(614) 229-7100