Family to Family

The underlying philosophy of the Family to Family Program (F2F) is to encourage families to seek help within their own communities, and to support local community organizations and individuals to help their neighbors.

The program is designed to help protect children by strengthening families through partnering with those in the family's community, when a family may be facing challenges.

The Principles of Family to Family

  • A child's safety is paramount
  • Children belong in families
  • Families need strong communities
  • Public child welfare systems need community partners to achieve positive outcomes for children

More About Family to Family

Family to Family agencies are responsible for linking families with neighborhood based support services that are in the communities where they live. Services include: parenting classes, adult socialization/support groups, financial and material assistance, educational support and developmental youth groups. The goal is to keep families together and children in their own communities whenever possible. Family to Family also supports local organizations by helping them to engage members of their community.

Franklin County Children Services contracts with St. Stephen's Settlement House to provide services from and for the community/settlement houses listed below:

Important Note:
Although the above-mentioned 13 ZIP Codes are identified for each of the five locations, should a family live outside of any of these ZIP Codes, the family may still be eligible for services as long as they are able to provide their own transportation.

F2F Family of the Year Awards

Each November during National Family Week, the Family to Family Program honors families who have exemplified the success that can be achieved through working with the program. These families have shown commitment and determination to overcome staggering odds to achieve their goals. Each settlement house also honors a community partner.

Click here to view photos from a recent award event.

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