Ongoing Case Management

When the intake assessment and investigations department assesses that a family would benefit from continued involvement with FCCS, the family's case may be transferred to one of our departments that manages ongoing cases.

A family's case will remain open as long as there is a safety threat and the family is in need of services and support. The primary goal of ongoing services is to provide support to a family in a way that addresses threats to the safety and well-being of the children and decreases the likelihood that future concerns will exist.

Ongoing caseworkers who are assigned to work with a family develop a case plan specific to the family's needs. Families are encouraged to be involved in the development of their plan. A caseworker will support the family as they complete the plan and monitor their progress.

Ongoing case management activities include:

  • Referrals to community service providers such as counseling, drug and alcohol abuse services, mental health services, material assistance providers, and others
  • Noting a parent's progress towards completing recommended or court-ordered programs
  • Monitoring each stage of a child's development so that interventions can be made if concerns are identified

Once a family has addressed the concerns and reduced significant risk to the well-being of the children, FCCS will prepare to end its formal involvement with the family.

There are times when special accommodations are needed to ensure that children can meet with their families in a safe environment. Agency staff or a designee facilitate visitation between these children and their families. The visits occur at an agency office, in the community or sometimes in the family's home.

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