Youth Advisory Board: Youth for Change

Youth typically become involved with Franklin County Children Services, due to circumstances that are beyond their control. Those who are placed away from their homes often feel powerless when it comes to determining their living situations and other aspects of their lives. FCCS is striving to give these youth, particularly teenagers, the ability to participate in determining how their lives will unfold. To this end, the agency has established a youth advisory board called Youth for Change.

Youth for Change is comprised of young people who either are currrently in or have been in foster care. Members participate in making decisions that affect their lives by providing their insights to the administration, Citizens Advisory Committee and Board of Franklin County Children Services. Being part of the group gives them a sense of empowerment and the ability to represent other FCCS youth by sharing their perspectives.

Applications are now being accepted from youth ages 14 through 23 who wish to participate on the board. They can be obtained by calling Deric Cobb at (614) 341-6027, emailing or contacting the YTS department at (614) 278-5976.

Download the Youth Advisory Board Application

Download the FCCS Post Secondary Education Resource Guide


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