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Featured Tip - Never Leave a Child Alone in a Car

A car can be an extremely dangerous place for a child who has been left alone, even if only for a few minutes.

Did You Know:

  • Each year hundreds of children are hospitalized or even killed after accidentally setting a car in motion.
  • Tired and stressed parents can overlook a sleeping baby or toddler when leaving a car.
  • On average, 38 children die in hot cars each year from heat-related injuries.
  • Other vehicle-related dangers include: incidents involving power windows, seat belt strangulation, falls, kidnapping during car theft and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Keep Kids Safe!

    • Be sure to look before you lock! Keep a stuffed animal in your child’s car seat. Place it on the front seat as a reminder when your child is in the back seat.
    • Check your vehicle to see if it can be shifted into gear without your foot on the brake.
    • Keep your car locked so that children can’t get in it alone.

Click here for a printable parenting tip flyer on this subject.

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