Information for Current Volunteers

Dear Volunteers and Mentors,

Without you, there is no “us!” Thank you so much for being a part of our team and our family! The purpose of this site is to help provide you with the resources you may need to help you on your journey. We look forward to our continued work together.


The Volunteer Department

(From left) Daryle Cobb, Melisa Anania, Leesa Evans, Rownleen Tedford, Joy Xaybandith, Elizabeth Crabtree, Tonia Still and Chuck Cochran

Volunteer Staff

Melisa Anania, Friendship program coordinator:, (614) 275-2637

Daryle Cobb, Simba mentoring program director:, (614) 278-5987

Charles (Chuck) Cochran, College-Bound mentoring program coordinator:, (614) 275-2598

Elizabeth Crabtree, director of volunteer services and child enrichment:, (614) 275-2633

Leesa Evans, Friendship program coordinator:, (614) 275-2560

Tonia Still, Malaika mentoring program director, (614) 275-2556

Rowleen Tedford, administrative assistant:, (614) 275-2736 

Joy Xaybandith, Friendship program coordinator:, (614) 275-2515

Volunteer Opportunities

FCCS holds special events throughout the year and we regularly need help in order to make them successful. If you would like to participate in one of these upcoming events, please contact Joy Xaybandith or Chuck Cochran.

EventDateTimeLocationHelp NeededSpotsContact
 Health and Wellness Day June 7  9:00-3:30 4071 E. Main St.  Decorating, distributing food, clean up  5 Joy Xaybandith
 Health and Wellness Day June 14  9:00-3:30 1919 Frank Rd.  Decorating, distributing food, clean up  5 Joy Xaybandith
Health and Wellness Day  June 21  9:00-3:30  4071 E. Main St.   Decorating, distributing food, clean up  5 Joy Xaybandith
Health and Wellenss Day  June 28 9:00 -3:30  Family Center, 855 W. Mound St.  Office olympic games, distributing food, clean up  5 Joy Xaybandith
FamJam 8/17/19 10:a.m.-2 p.m. Columbus Commons (160 S. High Street) Setting up/tearing down tables, face painting, manning literature table 10

Cynthia Greenleaf

(614) 341-6162

 Children's Day at COSI  9/27/19  5-9 p.m.  COSI (360 W. Broad St. )  Manning registration and literature tables, monitoring cafe  5 Marion Thompson (614) 275-2780


Training and Mentoring Material

Volunteer Events and Activities

Agency Policies

Click here to view photos from the 2019 Volunteer Appreciation Reception. 

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