Client Rights

The Office of Client Rights works to answer questions and facilitate resolution of complaints in a professional and fair manner.

When should you contact the Office of Client Rights?

  • If you have concerns about services Franklin County Children Services is or should be providing
  • If you feel you were treated unfairly
  • If you are confused about the rules, laws, policies or system
  • If you feel like no one is listening

Call the Franklin County Children Services Office of Client Rights at (614) 275-2621 or click here to send an email.

Click below to download the Consumer Rights and Information Booklet in your preferred language:

What will happen when I contact the Client Rights Office?

The client rights officer has established procedures for acceptance and review of client complaints and grievances, and is responsible for ensuring agency compliance with client rights, grievance and appeal procedures and rules. The officer informs clients of their rights under agency policy and Ohio rules. Those entitled to access the formal grievance process include: parents, custodians, legal guardians, foster caregivers, kinship caretakers, applicants or providers of approved adult-supervised living arrangements, and children who have interacted with the agency for any purpose related to the agency’s function.


The Office of Client Rights:

  • Acts as a complaint facilitator and assists complainants in getting issues resolved
  • Acts as the hearing officer for appeal of investigative findings
  • Acts as a review agent for certain case plan amendments
  • Acts as a liaison with the State's Bureau of Civil Rights
  • Submits monthly reports to staff concerning any trends requiring attention, upon request
  • Submits annual reports to the Board
  • Reports to the executive director and the board chair

How do I contact the Client Rights Officer?

Contact the Office of Client Rights via phone at (614) 275-2621, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. or by mail at the following address:

Franklin County Children Services
Client Rights Officer
855 W. Mound Street
Columbus, OH 43223

Appeal and Grievance Forms

  • An appeal is filed when you are identified as the alleged perpetrator and you disagree with the substantiated or indicated finding from the intake/investigation.

  • A grievance is filed when you disagree with services provided by Children Services or the way in which they have been provided.

Click here to submit an online appeal or grievance form or to download a copy of a form.

24-Hour Child Abuse Hotline
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General Inquiries
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