Parenting Tips

Featured Tip - Keeping Kids Safe Online

Follow these guidelines to ensure kids stay safe while using online devices:


  • Get your parent’s permission before posting personal photos online.
  • Only use a screen name and don’t share passwords with anyone (except parents).
  • Never agree to meet with someone you’ve met online without your parent’s permission.
  • Never respond to a threatening post, message or text. Instead, tell a parent about it.
  • Talk to a parent or trusted adult about anything that makes you feel
    uncomfortable online.


  • Don’t just talk, listen. Talk about what they do and who they interact with online.
  • Know the sites and apps. that your kids use, as well as their passwords. Go online together to learn your kids’ interests.
  • Set rules for internet use and stick to them. Limit screen time and let kids know what content and behavior is/isn’t appropriate.

Click here for a printable parenting tip flyer on this subject.

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